Finding the Path

Sometimes we find ourselves at an impasse; the path is obstructed, and we can’t seem to figure out which way to go, or what to do. This uncomfortable (and sometimes unbearable) situation is ultimately a positive thing, because inertia has finally taken hold, and as they say, something’s gotta give.

Sometimes we hold onto things beyond their expiration date. Our ideas and beliefs eventually become stale. We cling to the familiar even though it’s dragging us down. When it becomes too much, people leave the situation or each other, but they take their worn out ideas with them, and the cycle repeats itself.

The shattering of our ideals and illusions is for the better, as ideals are meant to be continually refreshed and regenerated. What’s left of our ideals after a shake-up are the essential truths, and that’s where we’ll find our path. The question is: once we find it, can we remain faithful to our truth (and path)?



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