Standing in the Dark

The way forward for me is to have transcendent courage and unconditional love. I must be as innocent and powerful as a stream that turns into a river; flowing to the sea, and back to my source. I can see what happens when disintegrative and destructive forces are turned toward the self. It’s quite ugly.

I find myself standing in the heart of darkness. Everything within me says this isn’t someplace I’d like to be, but for now it’s where I’m at. I already have the outer strength, and now it’s time to use the inner strength I’ve developed through self-improvement.

Dangerous times call for valor wrapped within humility. I remain docile and subservient, because facing this kind of potent negativity head-on is ill advised. I need to look after myself, my cat, and my art. I also want to be the version of me that – if I could go back and redo things – I had wanted to be when I was with the woman I love.



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