Being Happy (Is Who We Are)

My meditation is to allow myself to feel happy. I’ve discovered that happiness is my natural state – it’s who I truly am – and any condition I use to not feel happy is my own choice.

At first, it may be easier to observe circumstances and feel happy or unhappy based upon how things are going, but eventually you realize that you’re a slave to circumstances. It can be incredibly difficult to let go of being a slave. Freedom doesn’t seem so great until you truly know what it means to be free. That’s the beauty of unhappiness. It lets you know how much you want to be happy.

I was using anything and everything as justification for me to be happy (or unhappy). That’s being a slave, which none if us are. We are naturally happy and free. The desire to be who we truly are can’t be extinguished. There’s no reason to be happy or unhappy. We are creators, and we create the reasons.



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