Being Constant

I almost called this article “Being Regular” before thinking better of it. As it happens, many self-improvement topics drifted through my mind today; being a gentleman, being a better man, being an adventurer, being a bachelor, dating, courtship, marriage, and yes, even having children.

What I’m thinking about now is being constant, because emotionally, I can be rather inconstant. After publishing an article, I can go from euphoria to despair quickly. My self-improvement journey has mostly been about finding that constant companion I call my True Self.

I’ve been constant with my blog, if not consistent. I think about my readers, and the effect we have on each other. As much as I’d like to structure things, this is my vocation, and it’s grown organically – like I have – over the years.

I’m rambling somewhat as I spend my last night on the living room floor. Tomorrow I start moving into a two bedroom apartment with my parents. I’ll have my own room, a bed, and a bathroom. This is as much of a change for them as it is for me.

There’s no way of knowing all the different ways our lives are connected and intertwined. I’ve been transformed by people in real life and online. I want to have an inspiring, positive, and uplifting effect on others. I see it as a privilege to write for an audience, and for that, I’m deeply appreciative.



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