Letting It Be


I’m sitting on the living room floor waiting to move into the new apartment. It’s not ready yet, and I’m letting it be.

I’m also allowing my stepdad to be who he is, although honestly if I never interacted with him again, I’d be fine. As it is, he’s a part of my family, so I’m making the best of it (he’s a good guy, but there are things that just rub me the wrong way).

I’m practicing being calm amidst other people’s nervous energy. It’s easy for me to notice disharmony, and I used to try to harmonize the atmosphere of social interactions. Now I just tend to my own energy and inner harmony.

All of this is helping me learn how to accommodate less than ideal situations. I see it as a temporary thing, and while I’m in it, I can still practice aligning with my True Self.



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