Waking Up to the Rain


I woke up to the sound of rain and thunder after a night of having vivid dreams. I went to the kitchen to feed my cat and make a cup of coffee. It’s very nice to not see roaches scatter all over the place when I turn on the lights (I made sure to put out roach baits when we moved in).

I often feel like I have one foot in the spirit world, and another in the physical. When I experience things in “real life”, I feel like I’m simultaneously observing it from a broader perspective. That’s how I work on a painting; switching from the details to the big picture.

The morning is when I religiously perform my QT (Quality Time). Some people wake up, have the same conversations aka complaints day after day, and wonder why their lives remain basically the same aka unhappy and unfulfilled.

QT is a time for me to wake up after I wake up. It’s when I practice my ABC’s (align, balance, center). Why leave your attitude and mood to the whims of external conditions? You can create a great life by devotedly focusing on what you appreciate and want to grow.



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