Inner and Outer Truth


There’s no inner or outer truth, there’s just truth, but if we continually follow outer truth, we become more and more lost from who we truly are, until we eventually must turn toward inner truth. So you could say that all roads lead to home.

There’s also no right or wrong path for any of us, just the path that we’re on at the moment, and it’s either a path of resistance and stuckness, or a path of ease and flow.

It takes work being the main character of our life story, and we can play the part of the victim if we choose to, but we’re also the authors of our story. It’s the relationship between who we think we are as a character in the story of life, and who we are as the writer of the story, that seems to be at the heart of spirituality.

There’s a difference between when I write for myself, and when I write for an audience, although I like that the difference is becoming less and less. I feel like I’m having a conversation with myself, and maybe that’s what we’re all doing anyway; talking to our Self.



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