Tumbling Along


You could say I’m sitting pretty as I relax in my new bed. These past few months have been surreal. I’ve lived in four different apartments in less than a year. Sometimes I feel like a tumbleweed just tumblin’ along this ol’ road of life.

Things are definitely improving, though. I’m building solid foundations, and I’d rather take my time to do it right (child). There are moments of profound clarity, when I feel like I really get it, and then I’m lost and confused aka out of alignment, but it’s getting easier and easier to find my center.

I’m realizing the power of allowing and humility. I think allowing someone to be who they are – to just be – is something people really appreciate, and of course, it’s also about allowing yourself to be who you really are, which is essentially the same as humility. I’ve already said some things about humility, and part of my new understanding is that it’s about appreciating and honoring the here and now.



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