Being Sincere and Virtuous

I believe that life favors the sincere and virtuous. I think humility is a virtue, and for me it means being sincere and virtuous because it’s right (in alignment with my True Self) and when I see the opposite of sincerity and virtue, the right thing to do is to allow people to figure it out for themselves (which is being humble about it rather than pointing out their faults).

I’ve yet to see a fault in another person that I couldn’t say was also true of myself, and this awareness helps me to keep quiet.

Being sincere and virtuous isn’t about being a goody-goody. I’ve found that trying to be “good” is often based upon fear.

Sincerity is defined as the quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy. I value that, although if taken too far it turns into insincerity.

Virtuous is defined as having high moral standards, and this is where I’ve really explored life to see exactly what “morals” are supposed to be. Right and wrong, good and bad, etc. These are accusations and judgments that we throw around like weapons.

Maybe it’s the usage of the phrase “high moral standards” that creates a false dichotomy. It implies that there are “low moral standards”, and it’s usually the people who are doing things we don’t agree with that have the low kind of moral standards. That kind of attitude could be called self-righteousness.

What if being virtuous simply means that you have moral standards; neither high or low? That implies that you’re clear about what your morals are (what’s right and wrong for you), and you follow them.



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