We’re all on a journey of self-improvement whether we acknowledge it or not, and self-improvement is essentially the same as self-correction.

Being a spirited youth, perhaps I overshot the mark at times, and also being somewhat lackadaisical, maybe I undershot the target, but that’s how self-correction works.

I find myself- in this third decade of life – standing in the middle of yet another crossroad. After hitting and missing all this time, I’ve learned what’s right for me.

You could say that I overcompensated; tried to prove something. I was angry, arrogant, and greedy, but at least I was passionate about life.

Then I learned what love was really about – how it branched into appreciation, compassion, and forgiveness – and I realized that nothing truly meaningful and great was possible without love.

Everyone has their own middle way, and all through life we go about correcting ourselves until we find our true path.



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