Doing Things Differently

I woke up from a vivid dream about my ex. I did a few I Ching readings about it, got up to feed my cat, and attempted to go back to sleep, but it felt like anxiety was gripping at my heart with an icy claw.

I’m doing things differently these days. I’m being my own friend, and blogging about it to my followers. I’m taking ownership and responsibility for the happiness and success in my life. I’d given my considerable powers away, but now I’m reclaiming it.

I know that this has to do with fear, which is also about discovering my true power and strength. It’s about appreciating all the great things in my life. I don’t need to look for someone else’s approval. I don’t need to be envious of other people’s happiness and success if I appreciate who I am, what I have, and what I can do.



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