Putting It into Practice

I have the opportunity to put all of the things I’ve discovered and learned into practice; art, philosophy, metaphysics, psychology, personality, writing, love, etc. It all makes sense in a way that couldn’t have happened without my particular life experience. Every day is an exciting and refreshing adventure!

Exploring the Life Areas is my “way.” The Life Areas are:

  • Spirit
  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Body
  • Finances
  • Vocation
  • Relationships
  • World

Over the coming days, I’ll explore and detail my understanding of each Life Area. Some Life Areas I’m more familiar with than others, but they’re all fascinating.

I can say (with more confidence than before) that whatever we think is a problem always has a corresponding solution, and that a solution isn’t so much the opposite of a problem, but rather the synthesis of two halves of a whole, but it’s one thing to think of it that way; it’s another thing to put it into practice.



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