Thinking and Feeling

After replying to a couple of comments in my previous post about building emotional muscles, I still have thoughts about the topic, but really, the best way to show anyone anything is by example, and as I write this I’m building emotional muscles.

Anxiety, worry, and any emotion for that matter is essentially energy being filtered through belief systems, and the most effective way I’ve found to build emotional muscles is to constantly and steadily align with my True Self.

Since I’m talking about aligning with my True Self, I’ll go ahead and briefly discuss the Life Area of Spirit. You can call it by many names: Spirit, Soul, Self, Source, Psyche, God. It’s the creative spark within each of us. This is the life force that connects and permeates the universe. It’s the Tao of All That Is, and when I’m feeling fulfilled, happy, loving, powerful, clear, and worthy, then I know that I’m aligned with my True Self.

All of that is just so many words when we find ourselves living in the world of physical contrast. In our everyday life, we’re constantly perceiving things and flowing energy through our beliefs, which we typically call thinking and feeling. All of this is happening so automatically and instinctively that it takes more effort to describe it than to actually do it.

We can choose to align ourselves with, or pay attention to, or focus on thoughts that feel good or bad. That can be called our attitude, and our attitude determines our mood. The most important thing to remember is that no one else can possibly know how we truly feel except for ourself and our Self aka our True Self. Another very important thing is that attitude and mood determine our quality of life, so it’s vital to learn about and practice feeling good.



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