Making a Commitment

My previous post about inner sincerity is even more important and vital than I realized. I’m glad that the things I write about are relevant to my actual everyday life. That, in itself, is an example of inner sincerity.

I’ve experienced things that have basically destroyed my trust in other people, and to survive (and ultimately thrive) I’ve needed to develop trust in myself, which is what I needed to do anyway. So I appreciate what I’ve learned from others, even if it sometimes gets on my nerves.

The main thing I’m thinking about right now is how to maintain my inner sincerity while being around people who I think are insincere. My old way of looking at things isn’t working at all. I know it’s an inside job. The path of least resistance is through adjusting my own attitude.

I’m making a commitment to myself that no matter what – even at the cost of everything I previously believed in and possess – I will be faithful and true to myself. There is nothing more important than that. What other people think, say, or do is none of my business, at least in regards to my happiness, inner peace, and well-being.



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