I did an I Ching reading and received Hexagram 4 “Inexperience”, and after looking up the meaning from The Modern Poet’s I Ching, I was struck by the accuracy and beauty of this definition, so I’m quoting it. It succinctly describes what I’ve experienced so far, and sums up my overall outlook on life.

You are lucky right now, although you may not see it clearly. In fact, you have probably been through a decidedly unsettling period in your life. You have been open-heartedly, even carelessly, following your instincts in order in gain the experience and self-awareness to which you are committed. Probably you wonder in amazement at moments on some possibly devastating mistakes in the recent past. You have, however, emerged relatively unscathed. The experiences you needed and sacrificed for are now part of your personal history, but the lingering anxiety of a near-disaster and the haunting complications remain at hand.

You are a good-hearted person basically, who likes to meet life head on and give back a solid measure of what you take. Now is your time for learning and true growth. If you were willing to accept the pleasure and excitement of your recent experiences, you must be equally willing now to recognize the depth and meaning behind your actions. You have wanted to grow and now you are challenged down to your roots.

You will experience a shifting teacher/student role for yourself at this time. One moment you may find yourself explaining life’s secrets to someone close to you–the next moment you will be puzzled and reaching out for a bit of wisdom to help you through. A positive and thoughtful attitude will ensure you of gaining the most from the magical, yet confusing, dazzle of these days. Be patient as summer and gentle and wise as rain. Although you don’t have wide experience with great numbers of people over long years of life, you have a talent for understanding which sets you apart from most people. You encourage and explain at the right times for others, as you delve into the depths of human nature.



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