Sharing Words

I’m lying in my comfortable bed, noticing the mental gears churning away. After washing the dishes and doing some I Ching readings, I feel better. There are lines of thought which I know, if I were to pursue them, would quickly lead me into an emotional quagmire, so I’m gently staying on the middle path.

When you can see through the structure of your own personality, it feels a bit like peeking behind the Wizard of Oz’s curtain. You think, oh, I guess this is me, but then who’s doing the looking?

I’m sharing words with those who like language. I now speak Laotian every day after going years without speaking it at all, and it seems like I play a different role depending on the language I use.

I have this fantasy where I’ll meet a smart and sexy woman through happenstance. We’ll laugh, play, and talk like we’ve known each other forever. Who knows? Maybe she’s reading this.



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