After writing about self-improvement for several years, I’m bound to repeat myself (and I do), but there’s a distinction between knowing about something versus knowing it.

Sometimes I’ll read a random post, and much of what I wrote about years ago still resonates with me, but now I have more life experience to go along with it.

These days, I’m thinking a lot about not allowing myself to be be diminished by anything. If we have desires that are born from our experiencing of life, we can’t pretend that we don’t truly have those desires. Some people tell you to get rid of the desires, and some people tell you how to actualize the desires. I feel like, if given the choice, I want to fulfill my desires rather than squelch them.

I’m in the process of being my fully expanded self. I realize that I can’t deny parts if who I am and feel happy. I also realize that there’s a time and place for everything, but I’d rather find or create the right venue for self-expression than be self-denying, or worse, resentful of others who are expressing themselves.



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