Following Inner Guidance (and Feeling Good)

I’m keeping it simple. If something feels good, I move toward it, and if it feels bad, I move away from it. That’s the path of least resistance. Somewhere along the way I adopted other people’s guidance for my own inner guidance, which is the path of most resistance.

It’s revealing that I’m sometimes confused about what feels good to me. When that happens, it shows me that I’m out of touch with my inner guidance. The only reason I can think of that I wouldn’t follow what feels good to me would be fear-based beliefs. Unfortunately, if we believe in fear, we perpetuate it.

I’m glad that my strategy of people-pleasing has completely and utterly failed to make me happy or successful. Now I really know it doesn’t work. It’s made me get very clear about how to go forward if I want to be happy and successful. I think – at the heart of it – everyone wants to feel good, and our journey through life is about our beliefs regarding what will make us feel good.

It can be easy and subtle for me to lose track of my inner guidance, but I’m aware of it every time, because I always want to feel good, and I can tell when that’s not happening. I want to be a connoisseur of feeling good. I want my life to be varying shades of feeling good and feeling better. I’ve experienced enough of not feeling good to know that I prefer to feel good.



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