Allowing (and Being Free)

My new strategy in life is to be an allower, which means allowing myself to be who I am in any moment, and allowing other people to be who they are. It’s a radical shift in perspective for me, yet it’s something I truly believe in.

I’ve stood up for other people and their ideals, but it’s time for me to stand up for myself. I was willing to fight for others – even die for them – but why haven’t I wanted to fight for myself?

I’m living by the principle of allowing even as I write this, and in every possible moment that I can. Things have become very clear to me, now that the fog of crazymaking has lifted. A life of people-pleasing isn’t a life worth living. I know the right way for me to live, and the right way for me to be, and I allow others to live and be as they see fit.

I’ve shifted from needing the people and things around me to be harmonious in order to be happy. I still prefer harmony, but my happiness doesn’t depend upon it. I can also feel dependency, and I choose to live independently.

What about the fact that I’m currently living with my mom? Sometimes I really feel like my independence is being curbed, but I know that’s not true. There are different kinds of independence, and I’m achieving emotional and mental freedom.

I’m free from the bondage of caring and worrying about what others think or do. Now I can interact and relate to others without the ulterior motive of needing their approval.



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