Timely Wisdom

Today, I found myself feeling very angry, frustrated, and sad; sorry for myself, and blameful of others. But I found a way to feel better because I wanted to, and now I know that no matter how angry I feel, I can feel better. I did an I Ching reading and as usual, received accurate, timely, and wise guidance. I’ve been using The Gnostic Book of Changes every day, and these definitions from Hexagram 22 line 1 are words I want to live by:

  • At the outset, the man is tempted to create a falsely flattering public image for himself. A simple demeanor is more gracious and fitting to his position.
  • Move forward under your own power and avoid false appearances, dubious shortcuts, or ostentatious behavior. It is more important now that you rely upon your own worth.
  • Now the attribute of art, or grace, consists of discarding all nonessential adornments. It consists of leaving out everything superfluous, and of confining art to its appropriate place.
  • One must rely on one’s own inner worth rather than a “vehicle” of ostentatious superficiality. Suggested is the need to abandon a crutch of some kind.
  • You are able to make your own decisions.
  • You can stand on your own two feet.
  • Rely upon your own resources and initiative.



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