Hits of Clarity

I’m getting “hits of clarity” that expand my awareness and consciousness. I know that however I arrive at truth, it’s what I want. I want to live a real life; I want to talk to God; I want to have a soul; I want to be in love; I want to be who I am.

For me, the opposite of sincerity isn’t so much insincerity, as much as it is hypocrisy. I have a visceral and almost violent reaction to hypocrisy. It makes my blood boil. Much of my inner conflict has been about how to be sincere. Right or wrong, my actions have been from wanting to be loyal and virtuous, but I now realize that it’s not up to me whether anyone else is sincere or not.

When confusion and craziness is in the air, the best thing to do is go for what’s simple and true. No pretenses, no ass-kissing, no bullshit. That doesn’t mean being a jerk, but you really have to look at yourself and decide who you are and what you’re about. Do your sincere best, and let the cream rise to the top.



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