Being the Page of Wands

PageOfWandsThe Tarot card that represents my theme of the week is the Page of Wands. I like this definition:

The Page of Wands in the past position represents you in the child stage. It can be a good version, full of the confidence and untarnished love that are represented by youth. It can be a bad version, spoiled rotten and expectant of getting anything you want through whining and throwing tantrums.

Page cards in the present position represent you starting life over again. The Page of Wands shows you with a new idea of taking control over your own destiny. It is a powerful card in the present position, a clean slate with momentum in your favor.

The future position is a positive place for the Page of Wands card. This shows that a bright future of new adventures and creative expression will be yours after the current trials pass on.

The child depicted as the Page of Wands has some obvious growing up to do, and yet he is quite happy with his awkward elegance. This card has a bit of pride in it, the type of pride that can blind you to present realities. Often, not knowing the severity of a situation helps you survive it. But by and large this card emphasizes that the creativity (represented by the wand) of youth (represented by the young page) will be yours to find a new manifestation of your psyche in the world.

All Wand cards are about creativity and its relationship to the world around you. Businessmen must be creative to stay ahead in a competitive world. Teachers must be creative in how they impart information to students. Parents must be creative when they raise a child. Of course artists must be creative, but one does not have to be in the arts to use the opportunity presented by a wand.



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