With Sincerity

I’m writing this because I like to write, and I enjoy putting words together. Perhaps something profound will come from it, but you’d think that after several hundred articles I’d have run out of profundities by now.

Sometimes things are perfectly clear to me, but then a psychological shrink-wrap of confusion sticks itself around my mind. I’ve learned that the more I struggle, the more suffocating it is, so I remain calm instead.

I keep going back to the feeling I had as a kid when I felt carefree and innocent. Over the years, I’ve held onto that childlike quality through various experiences that would otherwise make me bitter and cynical.

I think there’s some virtue in being sincerely naive about life. After all, if you’re going to do something, then do it with sincerity.



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2 thoughts on “With Sincerity”

    1. I agree, except I think as children we instinctively knew that life is magical, but the magic gets trained out of us, until we rediscover that there’s magic in the mundane.


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