Alignment and the Ego-Self Axis


In Ego and Archetype, Jungian Analyst Edward Edinger describes the concept of the ego-Self axis, which I find interesting and applicable to my own life.

EgoSelfAxisBasically, the ego emerges from the Self, and goes through a continual process of inflation, alienation, and reconnection with the Self, which creates an awareness of, and relationship to, the ego and Self; the ego-Self axis. I think this model of the psyche coincides well with the teachings of Abraham, and is another way of describing alignment with our True Self. I’ve known about these concepts for a while, but it’s one thing to write about it, and another thing to experience it.

I think a healthy ego is one that recognizes and maintains a connection (or axis) to the Self. What I call the True Self would be the totality of the ego-Self dynamic, and alignment is the maintaining of the ego-Self axis. When we talk about following our inner guidance, or being on our path, it seems like that’s the axis between ego and Self. I have a lot more thoughts about this topic, but I think this is a good start.



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