Believing in the Good

I feel happy now that I’ve stopped running away from what I thought was so bad. I see that it isn’t so bad, and even if it is bad, I don’t have to run away, and I can believe in the good. I know that what’s good or bad is an individual thing, and our individual preferences become collectively homogenized. Listening to what others believe is good or bad in order to find my way leads to confusion, because that’s their opinion. I trust my own inner guidance as to what feels good or bad for me.

Maybe I’m not so bad after all. Maybe no one is so bad. Maybe I can drop the whole issue of good or bad. Maybe I can be happy and let others do what makes them happy. Maybe I can trust that the world is good.

I thought I was running away from my problems, but I was actually running away from myself, and the problems I thought I had were just shadows and phantoms anyway. They have no substance. They only existed because of the power I gave to them, and because I believed in them. Now I believe in the good that’s in me, and in the world.



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