Establishing a Personal Constitution


There’s a shift in my consciousness that’s happening, and I think the best thing for me to do is write about it (and enjoy it, of course). I’ve been getting glimpses of clear air, which serves to contrast with the fog I’d been used to; the fog of what-is. I’ve had to find my central, feeling place, otherwise I wasn’t going to make it through.

One way of describing it is that I had various sub-personalities which were in a “warring states” kind of situation. My ego was the steward of these fractious sup-personalities, but found the job tough going for a while. Now I’m experiencing a “return of the king” moment, and there’s peace throughout the land aka my psyche.

There’s work to be done, but there’s no longer a civil war within myself. There are still voices of dissension, and long held beliefs, but ultimately all of the inner states believe in aligning with my True Self. I suppose you could say that I’m establishing a personal constitution.



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