Abraham on Freedom

This is a transcript from an Abraham workshop that I typed out for my own edification, and I thought I’d share it:

Isn’t it nice when you realize that no matter where you are, that it is not the job of those surrounding you to feather your nest? It’s your job to pick from the details of what you are living, the things that are most pleasing to you. And as you have the opportunity with situations like that to find your alignment more and more, in time you find yourself frolicking freely wherever you are.

The annoyances of life, the inconsideration of other people, becomes a non-issue to you; for two reasons. First, you’ve learned to tune yourself apart from it by going general, and next, less of it is showing itself to you, because you are – by going general – and by reaching for your alignment with who you are, becoming more and more a vibrational match to the things that you do want, so it becomes a sort of cycle of well-being, where you feel good anyway, and then good things are shown to you, so it’s easier to feel good.

So then it’s easier and easier to feel good, because you’re attracting more and more of what does feel good, but you are not a prisoner to what’s going on around you. You are able to control the way you feel. People don’t have to behave in a certain way in order for you to feel good, so even under the most extreme, arduous, or unpleasant circumstances you’re still able to feel good.

Once you accomplish that, you are really going to finally, finally, finally feel your utter freedom. And what freedom is – freedom is – absence of resistance, but absence of resistance isn’t other people behaving. Absence of resistance is you learning how to tune yourself to what pleases you. It’s fun to figure that out. Sometimes, when people are behaving very nicely around you, you think, oh, this is what I want or need around me at all times. I want my mate to behave this way, or I want my children to behave this way, I want my co-workers to behave this way, I want people in my city to behave this way. But that’s a trap, isn’t it?

~ Abraham


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