Life, Death, Family, and Self

Yesterday was quite interesting. My cousin, who I haven’t talked to in years, got in touch and told me that my uncle (not her dad; his brother) had died. At first, I thought she might tell me that it was my dad, who I also haven’t seen or talked to in years. My mom and I went to my aunt’s house, and a lot of relatives were there, and many of us hadn’t seen each other for a while. We’ve all gone our separate ways, and have our own lives, but the death of my uncle – the youngest of four brothers – brought everyone together. I’m still sorting out what I think and how I feel about all of this. I’m definitely affected, but in a good way; self-improvement has seen to that.

I’m glad that I can be a man who’s continually getting better; a son, cousin, artist, writer, lover, and human being. I’m glad that my uncle has released all of his resistance to a contrasting life. I know that it’s between him and his Source. While we’re in these bodies, the weight of memories, the force of personalities, and the bonds of the tribe can distract us from who we truly are. I see that we are, each of us, the main character of our life story, and it’s up to us to decide what kind of character we want to be.

One of my current mantras is “I’m never diminished.” Everything that I experience adds to who I am. Nothing can ever be taken away that’s truly mine. If it feels like a loss, that’s because I’m not looking to the future. I’m the synthesis of my mom and dad. We haven’t been in the same room for years until last night. It was a good opportunity for me to allow myself to be who I am, and allow people to be who they are. It brings all of this self-improvement work down to earth.



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