Endings and Beginnings

It’s been a transformative few days. I spent time with family that I hadn’t seen in years (and drank more than I have in years). I got to play an electric guitar for the first time and loved it. It was fun to play for my dad, uncle, and aunt. I was quite drunk, but that’s OK.

I like that I can be who I am, and also be this, and be that, because it’s all part of who I am. Again, I think about my mantra “I’m never diminished.” I also think about following the path of least resistance, which requires trust, faith, and belief in yourself and the path that you’re on.

The death of one of my uncles has brought people together. The end of a life is also the beginning of many lives. For my dad, the death of his younger brother has also brought me – his only child – back into his life. The universe works in ways that I don’t truly comprehend.



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