Preparing for Greatness

What if we prepared every child for greatness? What if we didn’t limit our children’s potential with some arbitrary test that someone came up with? I’m not here to fight the system, but I do know that I believe in everyone’s greatness – no matter what they may think of themselves – or what they’ve been told. Anyone that tells you that you can’t achieve what you truly want is spouting complete and utter bullshit, and if you believe them, then you’re wasting the greatness that you were born with.

Prepare yourself for greatness. Ask: Am I here to be a great person, do great things, and live a great life, or not? How can the answer to that question possibly be no? Your very soul will not allow you to say that you’re not here to live a great life, and be as great as you can be.

I meet people who don’t think very highly of themselves because they compare themselves to others, and that’s tragic. When you compare the path that you’re on with someone else’s path, it leads to unhappiness. Each of us are born with a vibrational/energetic/spiritual (whatever you want to call it) path of greatness that we must align with in order to be fulfilled. No one can tell you what your path is. You can tell because you feel self-empowered when you’re on it.

Believing in your path is like believing in yourself, which is the same as believing in the greatness of life. Life is great, not sucky. If you think life sucks, then the way you’re thinking sucks, which just means that you’re holding on to limiting crap that you picked up along the way.

Let go of the crap!



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3 thoughts on “Preparing for Greatness”

  1. Wow sounds great, yea we all have our path to curve, personal journeys to adventure until we start educating the child with restrictions that ends up sucking its life. Thanks man, what a post!

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