Defying Expectations

Expectations are beliefs about how likely or not we think we’re going to accomplish what we want. One of the things about being a visionary is that sometimes you get slowed down by your own limited expectations and those of others. It’s not that our dreams are too big, it’s that our expectations are too small.

My days are spent massaging, relaxing, and soothing the resistance (aka negative expectations) I have to my desires. I’ve always believed that I’m supposed to have what I want, otherwise why would I want it? I’ve learned that it’s not my wanting something that’s the problem, it’s the contrary beliefs that I hold – for whatever reason – against my desires that’s the problem.

I’ve already done extraordinary things in my life, and I’ll continue to do more. I see that any unhappiness I feel really comes from limiting beliefs about myself, others, the world, and life. Sometimes other people have limiting beliefs, and this is only a problem if you accept their beliefs as your own. You have to find a way to go forward with your dream and vision, while allowing others to have their own beliefs. Trying to change someone’s beliefs is a waste of time.

Don’t defy other people’s beliefs, but do defy your own. I always challenge my beliefs. I don’t take my assumptions and opinions (and everything is an opinion, even so-called facts) at face value. I realize that I don’t know everything, and I’m probably more wrong than right most of the time, but we all have inner guidance which lets us know what’s right for us – not anyone else – and that’s all we need.



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