Excuse Me (While I Swat This Fly)

I was doing some light research (aka browsing the web) on the archetype of the only child, and I read about the development and dilemma of being “the one.” On MS-IJ (my self-improvement journey) I’d already thought about how being an only child affected my personality and socialization, which wouldn’t even matter except that there are other people. Everyone is essentially an only child anyway (in our mind). Maybe being an only child in “real life” just makes it that much more apparent.

Anyway, I’m mainly writing this because I enjoy writing, and the people who read what I write.

There’s a fly that’s buzzing around – which I’ve been swatting at with a shirt – but for all I know it’s my uncle who’s playing around with me, so I better leave it alone (oops, too late).

Perhaps this was just an excuse for me to post a picture of my cat stalking a leaf…






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