Breaking Through (Language) Barriers

People like to define things. We like to differentiate, compare, and put up boundaries, and that’s not a bad thing. Language is a tool we use to define our world, yet each of us live in our own world, and although we use language as something to bring us together, it can also be a barrier to understanding. People use language as part of their identity. When I speak Laotian, I play a certain role, and when I speak English, I play another role. This can be limiting, unless we find a way to break through the barriers.

There’s another kind of language that we all speak, and that’s the language of vibration. When something resonates with us, or “strikes a chord”, we understand its meaning without words. This language is the most powerful of all, and it can break through barriers that block us from understanding each other. That’s how I meditate. I go within to where there are no words, only feelings, and I find the dwelling place of my True Self. The ego is the meeting place between “me and you”, and the Self is the meeting place between “you and You.”

I used to think I was a chaotic mess, but now I realize that I just have a lot of instruments in my personal orchestra. It can be fun and challenging to be the conductor of our life. Music is a universal language, and so are feelings. Thoughts are, too, before we dress them up in language. When we get to the heart of the matter, we can break through any barriers.



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