Traveling Alone

There’s something new that’s emerging from within me, and who I thought I was continues to fall away. I feel like a traveler through life, going from place to place, finding good company, yet not truly fitting in. This is actually an advantage, now that I’m used to it. I’m able to be an allower. I allow people to be more of who they are, including myself. This affects people on a deep, unspoken level.

As I was driving home after seeing my dad, I talked to myself and remembered how I enjoyed talking to my ex-girlfriend during nighttime drives. There were some feelings of missing and loneliness, but more and more I mostly feel love and appreciation for us, which is really what’s in my heart.

From the viewpoint of self-improvement, this is exactly what I was wanting; independence, inner strength, and self-confidence. I realize that being happy is good, and it’s who I am. The happier I am, the more trust I have in life.



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2 thoughts on “Traveling Alone”

  1. Sometimes, the very thing we want at the subconscious level is what we dread in our present reality. Isn’t it true that we don’t really know what we want? Look how we constantly evolve over time. Fortunately, our Spirit knows and if we really pay attention we can hear it constantly striving to point it out. like….. hey! That’s it. The work comes with accepting and going through the pain of adjustment. For me, I have never ever remembered fitting in and as painful as this has been, I have come to acceptance. 😊

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