Figuring Things Out

Since I’ve been living with my mom, I’ve seen the personality traits and attitudes which I acquired while growing up, and now that I’m also talking to my dad again, I see traits that I picked up from him. This is good for my self-awareness and self-improvement.

Sometimes it’s frustrating because these are the same traits that created challenges in my relationship with my ex-girlfriend. Now that I know about them, I’m able to change them for the better, but maybe it’s a case of too little too late, at least for that relationship. Of course, if my ex was truly the right woman for me, she would care about and understand this kind of thing. She actually did care at one time, and I like to think that she still does. I sincerely did my best to improve at the time, which is why I’m even able to write about it now, but I understand that her own path in life isn’t contingent upon waiting for me to figure things out.

I like being happy and feeling good. I’m more and more unconditional when it comes to being happy. The only conflict I’ve ever had has been with other people’s opinions and behaviors, which led me to believe that I had to obey their rules, or please them, in order to be happy or survive. I’m proving to myself every day that I don’t need to push against other people or their rules, and as I do that, I’m showing others how to be self-empowered.



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