Sincerity and Truthfulness

What I really enjoy is being sincere and truthful, which isn’t the same as being blunt or inappropriate. I want my relationships to be based upon sincerity and truth. I feel like whatever good fortune has come my way is because of being sincere. Sincerity doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing, but it does mean that you sincerely want to know what you’re doing. Even if you mess up and people get annoyed, by sincerely doing things better they see what kind of person you are, and that resonates with them. Sincerity and truthfulness is the opposite of manipulation and falsehood.

Sincerity is our individual path of least resistance. It flows with the universe. There’s inherent power in sincerity. It’s not about following rules, but it is about being appropriate to oneself, which is different for everyone. What’s appropriate for one person, may not be appropriate for another, and that’s for each of us to figure out for ourselves. We can tell we’re being appropriate (or true) to ourselves when we’re literally in the flow of the universe; we’re not fighting or resisting life.

With all of that said, being sincere means doing things from the heart. It means knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing, and leaving it at that. Sometimes, out of fear or wanting things to go a certain way, we conform ourselves or try to manipulate things, and that’s something I don’t prefer. By not blaming anyone for anything, we are blameless, and that’s a sign of sincerity.



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