Finding the Sweet Spot

Hello and good morning, GBM readers. I like to write an article whenever inspiration is at its peak. Right now, the insight I have is about the sweet spot between independence and dependence, which can be called interdependence. This came to me when I realized that I have a personal level of enthusiasm that feels like the sweet spot for me, and other people have their own sweet spot. When I express myself, momentum builds when other people add on to it, but if I worry about what other people do, it kills the momentum. I think this is the difference between dependency and interdependency.

Dependency is when we have a spark of inspiration, but either we kill it before it’s expressed, or we kill after it’s expressed by worrying about the results. It seems like nothing can go wrong as long as we follow the path of enthusiasm, while everything can go wrong if we don’t. It comes down to knowing what we’re enthusiastic about, and not trying to control anyone else’s enthusiasm, or worrying about what our enthusiasm will lead to. Worrying about other people’s level of inspiration, energy, or enthusiasm, and worrying about what our self-expression will lead to, are forms of dependency upon things outside of ourselves.

Interdependency is when each of us follows our own bliss, and we either rendezvous together or we don’t, but we’re focused on the energy of creativity and inspiration. We let powerful, natural universal forces bring the right circumstances together. If you think about it, everything that goes sour happens when we deviate from universal laws, and even when that happens, things will fall away and die, and be recycled as part of the flow. Nothing can escape the flow of life, so we better understand the part that we play.



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