Being the Master of Your Destiny

There’s a certain kind of comfort and security in playing your prescribed role in society. Being who I am, and living the life I’ve lived, I’m sometimes painfully aware of various roles we’re asked to play. Roles can be fun to play, but they can also be quite confining, especially when you don’t realize that you have the power to choose the role that you play. When you become truly self-aware – which means knowing that we’re all just role-playing – then you can really have fun and be the master of your destiny.

You can’t be the master of your destiny unless you realize that you’re free to choose, and you can’t be free unless you take full responsibility for your experiences. This can be yet another painful wake-up call. Some people don’t even know that they’re free. Some have a sense of freedom, but resist it. Some have actually tasted freedom, but run back to their illusions. Some helpful affirmations could be:

  • I know that I am free.
  • Show me the way to freedom, and I will follow.
  • Sometimes I may be afraid, but I will always take a step toward freedom.
  • Freedom is my natural state. It’s who I am.

To be the master of your destiny, you must realize that your beliefs about anything comes first, and you can tell what you believe by how you feel. Emotions aren’t caused by conditions. Negative emotions are caused by negative thoughts. Positive emotions are caused by positive thoughts. Even though we can’t always choose what we think because there’s too much momentum, we can choose what we pay attention to. This is called mindfulness. The way of slavery is to react to conditions. You must go from reaction to creation.



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