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I’m sitting in the kitchen at my aunt’s house (although it’s also my uncle’s, but I tend to think of it as my aunt’s) waiting for coffee to brew. It’s the morning of my (other) uncle’s funeral. Last night was filled with family and drinking. Everyone’s experiencing things in their own way. I’m not sure if any of my relatives read my blog, but if they do, hello, and if they don’t, I’m glad to be blogging and connecting with them.

I feel headache-y but otherwise not too hungover. Among my cousins, currently, I’m the oldest, but I don’t necessarily feel that way, and among the “grown ups” I’m the youngest, and I feel more that way. At some point after the funeral, I’m going to be a Buddhist monk for a while, which is something Laotian men traditionally do. That in itself is a big transformation for me, in an already transformative year.

I’ve got some paintings to finish, and that’s something I’m approaching more like a job these days. In a world of working for a paycheck, my art career is something of an anomaly, but I love what I do, and I know it’s possible to make a good living at it. That’s what I want. I continue to live by the principle of being unconditionally happy, which is the same as choosing to be happy, and it really does work. I’m waiting for that “wrap up” moment for this post, but I’m not sure where it is, so I’ll just wrap it up here.



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