Planting the Seeds

In 2010, I wrote about believing in yourself. Here’s a short excerpt from that article:

Believing in yourself is the seed…You’ll be amazed at how you grow, and what you can accomplish, once you plant this seed.

Back then, I had the intuition to write about believing in yourself, and now I’m living and knowing it. That’s the idea behind self-improvement; you’re always ahead of the curve. I could tell that I needed to believe in myself, so I planted the seeds of self-belief and self-confidence years ago.

At the time, I had the approval of certain people, and now that approval has seemingly gone away, but I’m able to believe in myself. The seeds I’m planting now are about allowing and being unconditional – being aligned with our True Self – which is way ahead of the curve. While the approval of others may come and go, we can remain true to ourselves.

I like to write and talk about things that I’m an example of, or wish to be, or know that I am. Sometimes there’s a feeling that I’m not quite there in my self-improvement – at least in terms of proving it to others – but I’m learning to be comfortable living in the world of potentiality. What we imagine and envision eventually comes into being.



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