Celebrating by Writing

I just sent off a snazzy new painting to a client, and writing an article is one of my ways of celebrating. There’s some kind of loud commotion going on upstairs, so maybe my neighbors are celebrating, too. I’m sure there are people just browsing through – even fakers – but I like to think that I have true fans, and we’ve all grown together over the months and years.

I keep thinking about being several steps ahead of the curve, or on the leading edge. I’m seeing things that way more often. The idea is that how we feel and what we think right now determines our trajectory as we go forward. Doing something and not feeling good about it is pointless. I’ve had moments where I really know who I am. I felt comfortable in my own self, and that’s a great state of being. I’m contemplating how and why I felt that way, and how to do it whenever I want.

Certainly fear, worry, angst, and inner conflict are signs that I’m not aligned with my True Self; that I’m outta whack. A big realization is that it’s my opinion or attitude before and after something I do that really matters, more so than the thing itself. If I’m not sure about doing something, I wait. If I do something, I choose to align with it, which means I’m my own friend about it. It’s also good to have friends, too.



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