Mixing It Up

I enjoy mixing it up with others, competing, playing, having variety, contrast, and different points of view. I might have labeled myself as an introvert at some point (or maybe an online test labeled me as one), and maybe that’s true on some level, but who I actually am is beyond introverted or extroverted. In order to enjoy mixing it up, it’s important for me to be aligned, balanced, and centered (I call it the ABC’s).

The good thing about mixing it up – aside from the fun and excitement – is that you get to compare, contrast, sort, and sift. I believe that life is always seeking to ABC itself, so once we mix it up for a while, things settle into a natural and harmonious rhythm.

I’m definitely more aware of unnecessary baggage I’ve been carrying around. It’s not so much that having baggage is a bad thing, it’s more like at some point people were labeling different bags as good and bad, and I made my choices of what to carry around with me based upon that. Now I’m looking inside the baggage and deciding for myself if I want what’s in there.



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