Soaring Over the Mountains

Sometimes, when it really hurts, I feel stupid for giving my heart to a woman, but that’s not who I am; I don’t love half way. I remember consciously choosing to love this woman with all of my heart. I would have lived and died for her, and there were times I felt a tinge of fear, because I knew how painful it would be to lose her.

I don’t want to live in a world where I’m not supposed to feel this way about somebody, but I also don’t want to be an idiot. I know my value. I know what I have to offer. I know who I am.

I haven’t lost anything. I’ve gained the world, and my soul. I’m not limited to playing a bit part, but instead I’m the main character of my life. Everything that needed to happen has happened in order for me to know who I am, and many times it’s knowing who I am not that’s given me the most clarity.

I choose to walk my soul’s path, which I used to think of as climbing the mountain, but now it feels more like soaring over the mountains. I know that I can transcend any perceived limitations to being who I truly am. I know that who I am, and what I create, is meaningful. I know that feelings of jealousy, envy, and resentment are signs that are pointing to my own greatness wanting to be expressed.



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