Resolving Inner Conflict

For my own path of self-improvement, I realize that the most important thing is to resolve any inner conflict I may be having, because that’s a source of suffering. At the heart of it is allowing everything to be as it is. This opens up doorways to higher and broader levels of insight. Inner conflict can also be called resistance, and while it’s natural to have some resistance in life, it’s not natural to struggle and suffer through life.

To resolve inner conflict, I align with whatever decision I’ve made, even if it’s a decision to not decide. This is basically being my own ally, friend, and supporter. Decisions don’t have to be made in a state of conflict. There can be mutual support for values and goals, while at the same time deciding on a preferred course of action. Once action has been taken, I think it’s best to support it, until it’s time to reevaluate.

You can’t really do anything effectively while having inner conflict. I think it’s the source of tension, worry, and anxiety. Believing in yourself means aligning with your decisions, and decisions are made moment to moment. When you allow things to be as they are, and accept the decisions you make, and keep doing that over and over, you move forward more smoothly.



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