Going On a Posting Spree

DeathI could go out drinking with my cousin for her birthday, but I’m choosing to stay home and finish up a painting for a client. My work has been delayed because of my uncle’s funeral – and I haven’t mentioned it here – but another one of my uncles died this week. This time it was my mom’s brother (the other one was my dad’s).

Two uncles passing away in one month makes me wonder. I drew the Death tarot card this week, and I usually don’t think of it as a physical death, but this time it was. There has also been a passing away of other things in my life, too.

Something that happens after I post an article is that I’ll feel euphoric, but then self-doubt can set in. I’ve gotten used to this effect for the most part. In order to write or paint effectively, I need to be in alignment, and once you know what it’s like to be your greater self, the complaining and blameful version of yourself can be a drag.

The painting I’m working on has been a struggle (with all of the dying), but now I’m making progress. I’ll be at it all night, and to keep myself company, I may just go on a posting spree, and by “spree” I mean one or more posts.



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