Leading Up to This

As I was driving to the store to buy some cleaning supplies for tomorrow’s Extreme Make-Over: Dad’s Shop Edition, I said (to myself) that I want to receive inspiration for my next post, so I suppose this is it. I actually do want to help my dad clean up his shop, so all of the ups and downs that have led to this point has been worth it, and I think that’s generally a good philosophy to have.

One of the worst things to do is beat up on yourself about the past. I think about the past quite a bit. This blog is a chronicle of my life experiences, after all, but it’s also a projection of my desires and intentions for the future. One of the main reasons I bring up my past relationship is that it was really great, and I remember it fondly. Even breaking up is part of the process, and I’m beyond the angry words that were spoken. When you no longer have something you consider great, there’s a sense of loss, but I know that if I once had something great, I can have something just as great or even greater.

I did things in the right way, which is to say, I did things sincerely and truthfully. I loved sincerely, I trusted completely, I gave everything I had to give, and I still have a lot more to offer. Although there are things I’d do differently now, the core of who I am remains constant.



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