Being Single

I’ve been single for almost a year, although for the first few months I definitely didn’t think of myself that way (I was in a state of panic and shock more than anything else). Then for the next several months I worked on bringing some order into my life, although I still had the “wanting to get back together” vibe going on. Now I feel like I’m single, and it’s fun!

I’m going to meet up with an old friend tomorrow, and she happens to be a beautiful woman. I’m excited about it, but not in an anxious way. I worked all of that out during and after my previous relationship, which I’m thankful to my ex-girlfriend for. The neediness – which comes from wanting to fill a void – is gone. I have no void, and I don’t feel empty. I’m quite fulfilled these days. What I’m most excited about is feeling excited, and the outcome doesn’t really matter.

I think if you’ve read my articles for a while, or if you haven’t, you’ll know that I’m completely sincere about my thoughts and emotions. I may not be completely honest with others (trust me, that’s a good thing, socially), but I am honest with myself. I know very well what feels good or bad to me, and my self-improvement has been about understanding those feelings.





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