Cleaning Shop (Phase 1)

MaskWhere do I even start? Let’s see, I’m not going to post before & after pictures of my dad’s shop out of respect for him, at least not until a few more cleaning sessions. I did take a before picture, and that’s when the magnitude of the task hit me.

The situation is absurd, comical, surreal, and tragic. I felt like I was in an episode of Hoarders rather than Extreme Make-over. To keep my sanity, I’m using all of my self-improvement skills.

I think my dad thought I was just going to come by and throw out a bit of trash, but when he saw me put on the filter mask, he knew that this shit just got real.

I’m glad that I made a dent, and that he’ll be sleeping better tonight. I’ll keep going back until the task is complete.

On a less insane note, the blog reached 500 followers this week!




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