Working Late


This is an illustration I’m currently working on. It’s a work-in-progress so it’s purposefully blurry; not just for coolness sake. You might be wondering why I don’t post stuff like this on my site, but that would require a convoluted tale that’s better left untold at this late hour.

I tend to get ideas for writing while I paint, and the desire to paint while doing something else. I’ve learned a lot about life through painting, and vice versa. It’s definitely not something I can force, at least not if I want to do it long-term. I’ve learned to align, allow, and go with the flow. I’ve learned to leave the painting alone for a while if I’m not sure what I’m doing, and come back with fresh eyes and clear mind.

A fun way to end the week would be getting 500 followers, so if you’re reading and thinking about following, please do!



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