Day Drinking (With a Friend)

FlowerJacketI’ve probably written at least one article while I was drunk, and I know I’ve written some while I was hungover. In any case, I was out day drinking with my old friend, and I’m definitely buzzing as I write this.

It was lots of fun to hang out with her, and I don’t know if she’ll read this, but I’ve always thought she was attractive, and I still do. My blog isn’t a big secret from the people I know, but I also don’t advertise it. Anyway, I’m embracing my single guy status.

I love this new found freedom where I get to feel good about something, and feel satisfied with just that. It means I don’t really care what the outcome is. No one has to do anything for me to feel happy, and by being this way, I’m more lighthearted and cheerful about life, which happens to be attractive.

I’m blessed to have family and friends. I like that some of them still talk to me, and the ones that don’t will eventually come around.



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